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  • Is Fido Color Blind? Understanding Your Dog’s Eyesight

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    One of the best parts of dog ownership is seeing your canine friend stare up at you lovingly, waiting patiently for a belly rub or a treat. Have you ever wondered exactly how they see you? Your dog’s eyesight is different than your own—better in some ways and worse in others. But do dogs see entirely in black and white, or do they perceive color in some way? Are Dogs Color Blind? One of the … Read More »

  • How Your Dog Cools Himself Down

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    The human body cools itself down during hot weather or vigorous exercise using one method: sweating. As the sweat on your skin evaporates, it cools you down. But your dog, of course, is covered in fur. So how do our canine companions’ bodies cool themselves in the summer months? Panting Panting is your dog’s primary way of cooling off. When your pup pants, moisture starts to evaporate from their tongue, as well as from the … Read More »

  • We are OPEN with Curbside Service!

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    Greetings Teller Park Veterinary Service Family! We sincerely hope you and yours are all staying healthy out there! We at Teller Park are well, and we are OPEN and performing all services for your fur babies now that the executive orders have expired. To maintain the safety of our employees, who must interact with many people through the day, we are continuing curbside service until further notice. Call us when you arrive and we will … Read More »

  • Poison Ivy and Pets

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    For humans, one of the bad parts about spending time outside during warm weather is the risk of coming into contact with poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Did you know that these plants can also affect our pets? It’s not extremely common for pets to develop a reaction to poison ivy, but it’s entirely possible. Read on to find out more. How to Spot Poison Ivy When you know how to spot poison ivy, oak, … Read More »

  • COVID-19 Update

    To our Teller Park Veterinary Service Family: We are committed to staying open during this challenging time but will follow the lead of the CDC in minimizing risk to our staff and clients during this acute phase of COVID-19. We have implemented the following plan to reduce the risk to our clients, staff and facility while maintaining excellent quality of care to your precious furry family members: *We must be a ‘no handshake and no … Read More »

  • Tips For Playing With Your Cat

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    Our feline friends are super cute when they are feeling frisky! Playing is of course lots of fun for Fluffy, but it’s also good for her, both physically and mentally. Read on as a local Teller County, CO vet offers some tips on playing with your cat. Make It Routine Try to make kitty playtime a part of your regular routine. This may be easier than you think! Keep a cat toy near your favorite … Read More »

  • 6 Ways To Prevent Thrush In Horses

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    If you’ve spent a lot of time around horses, you’ve probably heard the term thrush. Thrush is a serious hoof infection that can have major health consequences for our equine friends. Thrush infects the frog of the hoof, which usually acts as a shock absorber. Left untreated, it can cause severe issues, including lameness. As you may know, when dealing with health issues in horses, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. … Read More »

  • 4 Ways That Great Nutrition Benefits Your Pet

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    Everyone knows that nutrition is important for any animal companion. When your pet receives the right combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water on a daily basis, they stay healthy—it’s that simple. But what specifically does good nutrition do for our pets? How does it benefit them? Let’s take a closer look at some of the important benefits of nutrition for your pet. Skin and Fur Health Did you know that a pet … Read More »

  • Caring for a Toy Breed Dog

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    Do you have a pint-sized pup? Small dogs are adorable! Many toy breeds were initially bred as companion animals, so they tend to be very affectionate and cuddly. However, Fido does have some specific care needs. A vet discusses small dog care below. General Health Obesity is often a problem with toy breeds, simply because it’s so easy to overfeed them. They’re also prone to hypoglycemia, which is a dangerous drop in blood sugar. Ask … Read More »

  • Tips for Eco-Friendly Dog Care

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    We would all like to do our part to live more sustainably and make the earth a better place to be—both for ourselves and for future generations. Did you know that there are several ways to care for your dog in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner? Here are a few tips from your local veterinarian on earth-friendly dog care. Use Sustainable Pet Products Purchasing planet-friendly dog products isn’t difficult, and it can make a huge impact … Read More »